Taking care of vintage costume jewelry

Costume jewelry should be stored in a dry place which is protected from dust since dust is abrasive and takes away the lovely sparkle on rhinestones. Best are small soft textile pouches wich at the same time are ideal to store your jewelry when travelling. The jewelry should be stored seperately in the pouches.



Keep it away from moisture, don’t clean it with lots of water and don’t wear it when having a shower or a bath because moisture can loosen the rhinestones in the jewelry and they might fall out or loose their brilliancyIn case a piece of jewelry is a bit dusty or dirty there are a few very easy methods to restore the beauty of it:

Dust on the stones or a bit of dirt can be cleaned with a soft cloth onto which a bit of glass cleaner has been sprayed, to clean spots which are a bit difficult to reach it is best to take a Q-tip. Cloth or Q-tip should only be moistened with glas cleaner but never be soaked in it. In case the dirt or dust is obstinate you can use a soft toothbrush to remove it, however the toothbrush shouldn’t be used with too much pressure.

The jewelry should be dried completely before storing it away, to be on the safe side it is better to leave it out overnight.With vintage costume jewelry it can always happen that small glued in rhinestones fall out. To glue them back in is quite easy.

I usually take a 2 component glue and mix a small amount of it in a proportion 1:1 and put a with a fixing pin into the spot where the rhinestone is missing. I then place the rhinestone carefully into the right place and take off any excess glue with a moist cloth or tissue paper. It is important however in the first place that there is not too much glue used, as it can spoil the brilliancy of the stone.
I leave the jewelry out for the glue to dry properly about 12 hours.

Missing stones can perhaps be found at: http://www.mrstones.com
- I have been really happy with them in the past.
To polish the gold washed surface of your costume jewelry I would recommend a cloth which is normally used to polish gold jewelry. It is not too abrasive and gets the lovely shine back.

If you take care to consider all these important points, your costume jewelry will last a long time in good condition.


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