Payment - How to

Once you have decided on a piece of jewelry and have put it into the shopping cart,  you have different payment options.

You will be leaded through the check out where the shipping costs will be added.

The next step gives you the possibility to choose the payment option.
You can pay through:
Bank transfer (only within Germany or Europe)
My bank accout dates will be sent to you via email in the ordering confirmation, you can also print out the confirmation on the website.
As soon as payment is received , I will send off the jewelry.

PayPal payment:
You can pay through PayPpal, this is possible through credit card or bank transfer.

The check out on my page will lead you automatically onto the paypal platform and you can make payment there.
As soon as I receive a paypal message about your payment I will send off the jewelry.

Shipping Costs:


Please note that due to the current Covid-19 situation I can only send to the United States after having been contacted. The shipping to US is EUR 50,00.

If you live within the US and are interested in one or more of the pieces please email me.

5,00 Euro

Please note that the shipping outside of the European Union may cause additional custom duties, taxes and fees which the customer has to care of.

Except as provided in the item description of any other period specify the delivery time within Germany 3-7 business days. They are shipped in a padded envelope or a corresponding cardboard with Deutsche Post .

This table shows you the delivery times for the shipping to other countries, you have to add these days to the German delivery time!

plus 3 days
(Exceptions: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Ukraine and Cyprus, plus 8 Days)
(Exceptions: Montserrat, Russian Federation, Svalbard and Jan Mayen plus 12 days)

plus 20 days

plus 20 days
(Except Japan and Singapore plus 8 Days)

North America:
plus 8 days
(Exceptions: American Oceania, Greenland, Mexico and St.
Pierre and Miquelon 20 days)

Central America:
plus 20 days
(Exceptions: Barbados and Jamaica plus 8 Days)

South America:
plus 20 days

Middle East:
plus 20 days
(Exception: Israel plus 8 Days)

plus 20 days
(Except Australia and New Zealand plus 8 Days)