Christmas Jewelry

  The custom to wear whimsical pins shaped as christmas trees, snowman or Santa Claus boots before and during the christmas period exists in America probably since the end of the 40’s

But only during the 50’s it became so fashionable that many companies started to design and produce a new line of Christmas jewelry every year. Up to today the american costume jewelry producers launch a new collection of Christmas jewelry every season.

The pins and earrings are mostly made of gold coloured or white metal, they are decorated with rhinestones and/or with enamel.

The range goes from very naturalistic to abstract designs where the tree as such is hard to recognize.


  One of the most famous companies to produce Christmas tree pins is Weiss, their three, five or six candle pins are amongst the most lovely and most thought after pins. They also designed a lot of other tree pins.

Weiss stopped production in 1972. The company Art manufactured a variety of very three dimensional christmas pins in the 60’s and 70’s. These trees sometimes were even assembled from two layers.

Characteristic for their trees is the generous use of enamel varnish, they were decorated in green and brown and sometimes even had white tree tips to imitate snow.

Art also produced fantastic santa pins and santa boot pins


  Another company known for their tree pins is Eisenberg. Eisenberg started to market the Christmas tree pins in the 50’s and up to today they introduce new designs every season.

Unfortunately for a long time these pins weren’t stamped but had only a paper tag so are hard to identify. The later tree pins are stamped Eisenberg Ice. Most of the trees you can find today are from the 80’s and 90’s. Hollycraft is another important name when talking about Christmas jewelry.

Between 1948 and the beginning of the 70’s Hollycraft not only produced their famous necklaces, bracelets and earrings with the typical pastel coloured stones. They designed also a large variety of christmas tree pins often using pastel colours.


  Amongst the companies designing Christmas jewelry nowadays I think the pins by Dominique are outstanding. They are producing large trees with a very unusual design using also unusual large stones.

The tree pins by Dominique are already much collected. There are of course many other companies that produce and produced Christmas jewelry amongst them Coro, Trifari, J.J., Mylu and Pell.

Apart from those exist many fantastic unsigned tree pins, so for the collector the season sometimes might appear a bit short for wearing the Christmas jewelry so far accumulated.


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