Taking care of your bakelite jewelry

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To assure you bakelite jewelry a long life a few things should be noted:

Sometimes the bakelite jewelry gets in touch with skin creames. It is easiest to remove any grease or dirt with a soft cloth and a bit of glass cleaner. This method is very effective and doesn’t harm the material.

The surface of bakelite can scratch fairly easy, so you should store your bakelite jewelry seperatly and especially not together with jewelry made of gold, silver or other metal. Faint surface scratches are best polished away with chrome polish like simichrome on a soft cloth. You can repeat that procedure two or three times. Afterwards you can buff with a clean, soft cloth. Most scratches which are not too deep will at least be less visible with this method. You shouldn’t be worried if the cloth turns dark yellow or brown when using simichrome, that is a normal reaction between bakelite and simichrome and doesn’t harm the bakelite.
Under no circumstances should the surface be treated too aggressively, for example using sand paper or steel wool or the hard side of a sponge used in the kitchen to clean pots because bakelite does change colour with age and so the lovely colours we have today are owed to the patina bakelite aquires with age and which would be taken off through abrasion by the above mentioned tools.

Bakelite shouldn’t be stored in direct sunlight seeing it is not light resistant. Concerning bakelite cutlery or pie lifters one thing is very important: It shouldn’t be cleaned in the dish washer because the dish washing detergents are so aggressive that they will ruin the bakelite. Also the cutlery is made of metal and bakelite and washing in a dish washer might separate the metal from the bakelite.


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